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Andy Wullmer

Traffic Captain @ CreatorTraffic

Known around the world in adult digital circles as The Traffic Captain, Andy Wullmer is part businessman, part rock star and all heart. The charismatic German has reached industry icon status with his remarkable ability to connect with people both on a professional and a personal level. A pioneering figure in mobile carrier billing, this beloved international man of leisure is also a seasoned expert in many other verticals—from porn production, online retail, dating and live cams to agency management and traffic brokering. Through his prolific travels—he has been on tour, attending 25-plus annual expos for years—Wullmer has cultivated a larger-than-life image, making his mark as someone who works as hard as he plays. It’s impossible to find any webmaster who doesn’t know Wullmer, who actually started his career in porn production and online DVD shops more than 20 years ago and evolved into a legendary brand marketer, expert speaker and professional partier. Wullmer also is one of the most decorated web-tech executives in the history of adult entertainment, with five personal GFY Awards alone, including GFY Businessman of the Year honors in 2015, 2017 and 2018; and GFY Company Rep of the Year in 2016. He joined SexGoesMobile Germany in 2010 as international affiliate manager and thanks to his formidable network, in six months he turned an unknown startup into a profitable adult mobile brand and later was named CEO. By 2017, he also became CMO of TrafficPartner Germany, marketing brands such CamCashDaily, Grand Slam Media,, CamPartner, Datingleads