InterNEXT2021 Rules and Requirements

InterNEXT 2021 is a professional event hosted privately for the benefit of the sponsors, attendees, and media attending. Your access to interNEXT is dependent on your continued acceptance and ability to abide by the simple rules and regulations listed below. Please keep in mind, all rules are subject to change and will be enforced at the complete discretion of interNEXT staff members. Refunds will not be issued to anyone who is removed or banned based on infractions of these simple rules. Our goal is to provide everyone with a useful, entertaining, and profitable experience attending interNEXT and that goal relies on our ability to ensure everyone in attendance shares the same level of professionalism detailed below:

Individual Access

Your access is granted on an individual basis. Any sharing of your access is prohibited, and you will be held accountable for any actions taken by anyone else who is making use of your access. This includes coworkers, fake nicks, friends, family members, or anyone else. Please keep your username and password confidential, and maintain the reputation of your personal name/brand the same way you would if you were attending a trade show in person. Any empty accounts, multiple accounts belonging to one person or other instances of access abuse will get all of your accounts deleted. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

interNEXT has a zero-tolerance policy related to harassment of anyone else attending. This includes other attendees, staff members, sponsors and media. Any form of racism, personal attacks, or other communication aimed at creating conflicts is prohibited. We encourage curiosity and we do expect a lively debate about some topics, incisive questions from attendees; we can appreciate the desire to keep things entertaining, but we will require a professional and inclusive tone to everything that happens throughout the interNEXT event.

No Spamming

interNEXT has many sponsorship opportunities available before the show begins and we will continue to offer advertising options throughout the show. If you are an attendee we ask that you show some respect for the sponsors who have generously agreed to fund this event to your benefit, and we require that you refrain from spamming chat rooms or taking other distracting actions designed to promote outside products without the express consent of interNEXT staff. We fully understand that a mention of your site or product may help ask a question or seek advice from experts on a panel, and we are always aware you know the difference between mentioning a product and spamming it.

Prohibited conduct

Harassment is any improper or unwelcome conduct that might reasonably be expected to cause offense or humiliation to another attendee or be perceived as such. Harassment in any form based on gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, national origin, political affiliation, age, religion or any other reason is prohibited at interNEXT. Sexual harassment is a specific type of prohibited conduct. Sexual harassment may involve any conduct of a verbal, nonverbal or physical nature, including written and electronic communications, expected or be perceived to cause offense or humiliation.

Everything Else

For all of the people who like to act like they are Internet lawyers and look for loopholes in the rules, this rule is for you. This rule covers absolutely everything else. If you are doing something distracting, or detrimental to the interNE XT event or any of the professionals who attend it you will be banned from the event. It is that simple. We are adapting to a very different world during the Covid-19 era and are doing all we can to help you, and all of our attendees, earn more money. Please do your part in helping us to accomplish this important goal by sending us constructive feedback, by working together with everyone else who attends and by doing your best to make this event profitable for everyone who attends. We appreciate your support and are hoping to offer more events in the coming months as we continue to evolve the way trade shows are organized.

Thank you for complying with these simple rules and helping us set the new standard for truly professional trade show interaction online as part of the first digital version of the interNEXT. Like you, we have already innovated many times in our history, it’s what we do best, and with your help, we are confident we can produce shows for you online that are profitable for you and fun to attend at the same time!