2017 InterNext Expo Speaker Spotlight: Yannick Ferreri

Yannick Ferreri of PornDoe

Moderator at Products in Mobile: VOD, Tubes, Dating, Cams, Games, Apps…What Works Best and Why? – Jan 15th at 2PM

The multi-billion dollar cost-per install industry is ripe for adult traffic, but where are the most opportune entry points for site owners, content producers, app developers and media buyers and what are the long-term avenues for growth in mainstream?

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2017 InterNext Expo Speaker Spotlight: Lauren MacEwen

Lauren MacEwen of 7 Veils Media

Panelist at Going Green: The Pot & Porn Connection – Jan 15th at 1PM

Many adult industry executives are exploring lucrative opportunities in the growing legal marijuana industry. But how do you get into the weed business and more importantly, should you? What do you need to know, what should you avoid, how is it the same or different from when you got into porn industry? Our panel will analyze.

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